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What kind of leader are you. 

What kind of leader do you want to be.

How would you like to see yourself in one year?

If you answered that you want to be a "good leader" this is a too broad answer. Each person is different, so their leadership will always be unique.

Different types of leaders exist according to each person's personality and way of thinking, although various nuances can be adopted to achieve the style that we want to adopt.


What is the style that will suit you best?

If we take into account that each leadership style will directly impact the company and teams, where do you want to go? And why?

It has been proven that teams need the figure of a leader, someone who is an example to follow, a source of inspiration for the rest, who knows how to guide them, motivate them, help them reach their objectives and to improve and develop within the company.

Imagine being able to develop this type of leadership naturally in your day-to-day life.

Why me?

I am an Expert in Leadership, and I help individuals, professionals, executives (managers and middle management), teams, groups in companies/organisations to develop influential and motivating Leadership. So, they can achieve their goals, increase performance, improve results and at the same time, to live a fuller and happier personal and professional life. 

I achieve this by following my 4L– Leadership Methodology©, which encompasses the analysis of Self-Leadership, Business Leadership, Situational Leadership and Systemic Leadership.


Using this methodology, I design a personalised program (according to needs) for each individual or company/organisations and their executives. Via one to one sessions or group sessions, with or without their teams. This process can include a line of action or a combination of the three existing ones: Coaching, Mentoring and Training.

What you can achieve as a leader with me:

  • Self-knowledge.

  • Develop leadership skills.

  • Ensure success after a promotion or new required skills.

  • Reduce stress levels.

  • Learning to delegate, to manage risk more effectively.

  • Manage time more effectively and increase productivity.

  • Learning to communicate more effectively.

  • Increase emotional intelligence.

  • Greater effectiveness in problem-solving and decision making.

  • To be flexible, adaptable to situations and people.

  • Leading teams with an inclusive, broad and non-judgmental vision.

  • Aligned teams.

  • Happy employees.

  • Solve/avoid conflict. 

  • Personal, professional motivation. 

  • Achieve focus. 

  • Have defined values.

  • Effective communication and personal satisfaction.

I've experienced it, too.

There was a moment in my life that made me realise that leading was an attitude, a way of doing. I sought help in Coaching, Mentoring and Training to know myself better and find tools to be able to lead, taking people into account.

I realised that to achieve this, there was a great deal of work behind the scenes to do. It was necessary that I was self-aware as a leader and led myself first. That I need it to be flexible to adapt to different situations and people. Also, the need to develop skills (soft skills) and to exercise a leadership style from a systemic view, building bridges.


Only when I asked myself how all this could be achieved? If it was not innate. Right there and then I decided to redirect my work experience to help and support people in developing this type of leadership, putting my knowledge, experience and learning at the service of others.

I created the 4L– Leadership Methodology©. Applicable to both personal and professional life.

Benefits you'll get with me:

  • Self-knowledge.

  • Self-reliance.

  • Relations with third parties.

  • Working relationships with direct subordinates. 

  • Working relationships with immediate superiors.

  • Working relationships with colleagues.

  • Teamwork.

  • Job and personal satisfaction.

  • Conflict reduction/resolution. 

  • Organisational Commitment. 

  • Develop Soft Skills.

  • Enhancing individual leadership.

  • Greater involvement, creativity and responsibility.

  • Aligned, involved, creative and responsible professional teams.

  • Higher performance.

  • Happier, more motivated, productive and involved workers on a professional and personal level.

How I do it?:

4L– Leadership Methodology©

My methodology allows you to identify your strengths to organise an action plan to overcome barriers in your leadership and increase your value for you and/or your day to day business/organisation.

This process can include a line of action or a combination of the three existing ones: Coaching, Mentoring and Training, in sessions designed according to the needs of each person/company/organisation.

Who follows this guidance, becomes a more efficient professional by modifying their management style and optimising their attitudes as a leader, in any situation.

Let's talk! 

Initial consultations are free.

If what you’ve read here meets your expectations, I can help you become the leader you want to be.

Book a free personal session with me for any additional information you may need.

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