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Thought-Based Approach

I offer a variety of tailored services that will nurture your career, help you overcome leadership challenges, and allow you to achieve your individual career goals.

I cater to each of my client’s personal needs to unlock their full potential, either as an individual, as a team, as a group or Company/organisation.

Book a free consultation if you have any questions or for a much detailed initial consultation. 

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A breath of experience at your reach.

For professionals and executives individually. Also executives, teams and organisational within a company. 


Alongside the discipline of Coaching Mentoring is the most powerful tool of professional development.

It's a learning process for the development of people that I offer at an individual level or in companies.

I will accompany you (as Mentee) and share and transmit my experience to you, so you can progress faster in the development of your career. Each session is designed according to your needs.

As a Mentor, I will prepare you to express your expectations and encourage you to formulate your objectives by listening and applying other practical tools.

I will transmit my experience so you can draw your own conclusions as Mentee, contributing to your vision, promoting reflection and awareness.

Sessions can be held online or on-site, in Catalan, Spanish, French and English.

My Services: Services


Commit to your Goals. Connect with what you really want and why and take action!

Life and professional coaching for individuals, executive, teams and organisational coaching for companies

I'll accompany you (my Coachee) on a journey to achieve your objectives or goals. My coaching method brings extraordinary results for either individuals/professionals/executives, working in teams, groups, companies and organisations. Each session is designed according to your needs.

Always aiming to develop a lasting and sustainable change over time, focusing on the barriers or enabling beliefs that condition the implementation of actions and therefore the achievement of results.

Through tools such as powerful questions, empathic listening and tools such as NLP and Systemic Coaching. I help you to discover and develop your maximum potential, achieving results that you can't achieve on your own.

It is focused on improving the skills and competencies of individuals, managers, leaders and professionals, teams, of an organisation and/or company.

Sessions can be held online or on-site, in Catalan, Spanish, French and English.



Learn and grow "by doing" by attending / with my courses and workshops.

Tailored courses and workshops for individuals and companies. 

My trainer sessions include a theoretical and outstanding practical base for the development of personnel, professionals, groups and teams.


Coaching and leadership skills are effective tools when it comes to improving any situation at an individual or professional level that may be an obstacle daily. I have created the 4L Leadership Methodology© specifically to address this.

Customised courses and workshops, adapted to you or your company/organisation to obtain the best results.

They can all be taught in Catalan, Spanish, French and English, on-site or online.



Inspiring talks tailored to your conference, presentation or event.

Dynamic, agile and content-rich conferences, lectures and talks. With anecdotes and personal experiences. To motivate and inspire any Company, Professional and Organizations. 

I can provide online or on-site talks, in Catalan, Spanish, French and English.

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